Facts Matter

Date Published: November 5, 2023

Dear friends-

Facts matter. Recently, Mayor Kokoros sent out a flyer attempting to paint a rosy picture of Braintree's faltering finances.

There's only one problem: it wasn't true.

Independent financial experts, town councilors, and budget professionals all agree that Braintree is in deep financial trouble, highlighted by a projected $4.3 million budget deficit in fiscal year 2024 and a $54 million deficit through 2029.

Under this administration, our bond rating has dropped from AA+ to AA, commercial building permits have dropped significantly, and hotel/motel tax revenue has gone down.

There were also claims made about additional funding. Almost all of that funding came from the great work of our State legislators, Congressional delegation, Federal ARPA monies, and the Override -- not from this administration.

Vote for Transparency Infographic

If our town wasn't in financial trouble, I wouldn't be running for Mayor. But the implications for Town services, the Braintree Public Schools, and taxpayers are too great to ignore.

It's time to be honest about Braintree's financial situation. There's too much at stake for this Town we all love.


Erin Joyce

Candidate for Braintree Mayor