House meetings (also known as “house parties” or “coffee hours”) are a way for you to get your friends activated in Erin’s campaign for Mayor. Here’s how we recommend putting one together:

  • 1 First, figure out who you want to invite. Think about your friends who are active in community groups – whether that’s the PTO, a senior group, a union, their local church, or just your network of friends and neighbors. These people have a network, so it’s good to make sure they’re on your invite list. Then, think about your friends who are politically active or follow the news – they’re likely more interested in coming to this sort of thing. Most importantly: cast a wide net. If you’re aiming for ten people to come, you probably want to invite at least 50.
  • 2 Pick a date/location. Our best guidance here is to choose somewhere fun. If everyone loves your cooking, have a group over for dinner. If your friends love football, host a meeting and then watch the game together. This shouldn’t feel like a chore to your friends, but rather something fun they can do that also lets them do something positive for their community.
  • 3 Send out your invites early with an RSVP. Sending emails, texts, and Facebook invitations are great, but the key is in the follow up! Follow up with phone calls to your invite list. A phone call from you directly will ensure great attendance.
  • 4 Tell attendees why YOU support Erin. We will send you literature and signup sheets, but you should make sure that your friends know why YOU support Erin. That’s the thing that will get them the most engaged.
  • 5 Make sure you get everyone to sign up, and send your signup sheets back to the campaign. Our goal is to build out our list of people who are interested in supporting Erin. Please make sure you get everyone to sign in and provide their email and cell phone number!
  • 6 Take lots of pictures and video! Make sure you document your house meeting, post them on social media tagging Erin’s campaign, and send photos back to us at [email protected].

Email us today to inquire about hosting a house party!

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