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Invest in Braintree


The Town of Braintree is a municipal corporation that must ensure revenues are sufficient to fund priority services and capital planning. Revenue must exceed our expenses if we want to restore and grow our quality of life. Expenses must not exceed revenue – today, tomorrow, ever. Everyone at Town Hall needs to know that ongoing financial stability is priority number one, all decisions need to tie back to this fact.

How Do We Get There?

  • Evaluate current sources of revenue against critical expenses and identify existing and looming funding gaps that will impact Town services and critical infrastructure needs; identify specific funding sources needed, target a priority list and make this information public.

  • Prioritize redevelopment of existing buildings/infrastructure over the creation of new development and infrastructure; expertly understand the value of properties in the Town of Braintree and seek redevelopment opportunities that provide the most benefit, socially and economically. Activate a town-wide mindset of action, and move away from reaction.

  • Collaborate with regional leaders in the public and private sectors to identify opportunities for new revenue sources unique to Braintree.

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Innovate with Our Schools


The Braintree Public School System deserves the tools and funding needed to modernize facilities, support teachers, and provide students with the tools needed to succeed today, tomorrow, and decades from now. The Braintree Public School System has long been a source of pride and opportunity and deserves the tools and funding needed to ensure our students excel in tomorrow’s workforce. We know this costs money, a lot of money, and when we secure the funds, we need an informed plan to spend it.

How Do We Get There?

  • Create an informed comprehensive plan for the current and future use of all existing public school buildings specifically identifying challenges and opportunities within the buildings as related to programming needs now and in the future.

  • Collaborate with local Workforce Boards and local business leaders to bring innovative programming to the High School to offer interested students career and technical education during their time at Braintree High School.

  • Build a new High School via a multi-faceted approach of creating innovative programming to build the school from the inside out, attracting local business leaders to advocate for public school funding, leveraging relationships with workforce boards that may have programs and monies available to creating workforce pathways, and securing a funding partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

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Inviting Neighbors to our Table


Nobody understands your family, your home, your street, your neighborhood better than you! But do you know how to advocate for your neighborhood at Town Hall? Town Hall should be the very heart of a Community and all neighbors should be welcome to share their stories and ideas with local leaders. They should be able to easily access Town information, understand projects happening in their neighborhood, voice concerns, know their District Councilor and Mayor, and be able to readily find news related to community events and public meetings.   

How Do We Get There?

  • Improve and diversify Town based Communication across all digital platforms.

  • Encourage and help mobilize neighborhoods to create organized discussion groups and encourage District Councilors to be plugged into these conversations.

  • Understand neighborhood and individual needs when it comes to where people live and where people want to live. The word “home” has many meanings and is different for everyone. Decisions around home construction need to be thoughtful, transparent and discussed with all stakeholders.