This Endorsement is a Game-Changer

Date Published: October 31, 2023

Dear friends-

I have some really exciting news — the Braintree Educators Association (BEA) has endorsed our campaign!

This endorsement means so much to me personally. As a Braintree Public Schools parent, I see the incredible work that our teachers, counselors, paras, support staff, custodians, and so many others do in our public schools every day — they literally change the lives of Braintree's young people.

But our educators can't do this work alone. They deserve a Mayor committed to giving our schools, teachers, and families the resources they need to thrive. This starts with creating both short- and long-term strategic plans for our schools, developing a facilities plan that will modernize buildings and save taxpayers money, and actually listening to parents and educators.

BEA endorsement graphic

Whether you have children or grandchildren in school or not, the success of BPS is important to us all -- it is the largest line item in our Town budget and the success of a school district is the greatest determinant for home values in a community.

I am so grateful to have this endorsement, but at the end of the day, the most important endorsement I can earn is yours as a Braintree voter. Please join me Tuesday, November 7 so we can get Braintree back on track!


Erin Joyce

Candidate for Braintree Mayor