Unfazed by Negative Attacks

Date Published: October 10, 2023

Dear friends-

When I announced I was going to run for Mayor, everyone warned me that it was going to get nasty -- that's just how this current Mayor campaigns. We've seen that throughout this election, but things reached a new level this weekend with thousands of anonymous flyers being dropped at people's homes and stapled to telephone poles, attacking my integrity and spreading falsehoods about my candidacy.

I've built a business from the ground up and have given birth three times. It's going to take a lot more than a flyer to faze me or derail our grassroots campaign to get Braintree back on track.

Let's be clear on a few things: Whomever is behind the flyer broke the law. If it was the Mayor, he failed to disclose it. If it was one of his supporters, then they made an independent expenditure on his behalf and violated campaign finance law.

Anonymous negative campaigning is indicative of everything that is wrong with politics these days. I'm more than happy to tell you where I stand on issues, answer tough questions, and debate my opponent. But hiding behind a keyboard or an anonymous flyer is gutless.

Oddly enough, this negative flyer is actually good news for us. Yes, you read that right.

Two weeks ago, the Mayor did a poll and this is the first thing that we've heard since then. Negative campaigning is a desperate campaign tactic and it means Braintree voters are lining up to reject the failed leadership, fiscal irresponsibility, and lack of vision from the Mayor's office.

I am running my campaign the way I will govern as Mayor -- transparently, legally, and ethically. Please click here to donate $10 today to show that you reject these tactics and want to move Braintree forward!


Erin Joyce

Candidate for Braintree Mayor