Restoring fiscally-responsible leadership to Braintree

Date Published: June 8, 2023

BRAINTREE – One of the primary reasons I’m running for Mayor of Braintree is to restore responsible and proactive fiscal management to Town Hall and to do so with transparency for all community stakeholders.

Municipal finances are complex and Braintree’s operating and capital improvement budgets impact all taxpayers, especially those who rely on Town services every day — from running programs and maintaining buildings that are part of our public school systems, to improving the condition of our roads, to funding our first responders, maintaining parks and open spaces, and offering vital senior services.

Our Town Council recently approved the Mayor’s FY'24 operating budget of $160 million. Notably this budget is being balanced with $4.2 million of Free Cash - our Town’s rainy day funds. As noted during many hours of budget hearings in May - this is not sustainable and it is likely our FY'25 budget will require additional use of Free Cash to make ends meet. Furthermore, our municipal bond rating has been downgraded, citing a limited ability to generate additional resources due to political resistance. The situation unfolding at Town Hall is very bad for taxpayers, like you.

While our Town Council worked tirelessly to vet the budget and ask questions to ensure that we are moving Braintree forward, they were forced to confront the realities of the challenging place the Mayor has left us: no sustainable plan to bring our expenses and revenue back in balance. I applaud the Council's leadership, the tough questions raised, and the impossible task they faced.

This, unfortunately, is Braintree’s reality right now under the current leadership - a rosy picture painted by the Mayor’s office and tough questions pushed by the Council. The lack of leadership on our Town finances coming from the Mayor is putting Braintree in a dangerous fiscal position. It's not about partisan politics or even spending priorities, it's about sound management.

My experience running a business, dealing with complex financial situations, and my understanding of Braintree's budget makes me the right person to take on the challenges ahead and restore responsible fiscal management to Town Hall.

Braintree is a vibrant community with so much opportunity and it is where my family and I plan to grow old together. Please join our campaign so that we can ensure the Town we all love is in the best position to thrive in the years ahead. Thank you!